True cinema at home...

The best or nothing

ICE cinema delivers an immersive cinema experience for homes and yachts.
Delivered to you by hand-picked integration, cinema and design experts.

ICE Cinema systems include:
Room design, system engineering, installation, sound isolation, acoustics, wall coverings, lighting, flooring, seating and a complete audio, visual and control technology package, including content and 24/7 system monitoring.

ICE cinema Product Features:
Post-production grade multi-format 2-piece projection system.
Immersive sound system integrating world´s finest audio components.
Standards-driven system design and engineering.
Full picture and sound calibration to ensure maximum quality.
Multi-media system including HD television, Blu-ray™, CD, gaming.
Exclusive theater design including acoustics and decoration.
Touch-screen control with dedicated control system.
24/7 remote system monitoring.
The ultimate expression
of residential cinema

World-class immersive cinema at home, extraordinary in every way.
Personalization of a proven design concept.

Available from 120.000€
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True Luxury Craftmanship
is not Expensive, it's Priceless

The Best Is The Only Option - Unparalleled Immersive Entertainment

A private immersive cinema at home. Extraordinary home entertainment experience guaranteed.
Customization around the ultimate performance standards.

Available from 450.000€
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